Day #55 or something?

I started on January 15th, so it’s almost been two months.

For the most part, I have been eating Primally. I have had a few slip-ups that snowballed into two or three days of mostly non-primal eating. How difficult it was to stop and go back to Primal was a testament, for me, of how addictive the properties of grains and sugars can be. I also got some Girl Scout Cookies. I got too many. :-/ They were still good, but Samoas (or the more PC Caramel deLites, as they’re now called) didn’t taste quite as good as before – mostly just really sweet, with undertones of chocolate, caramel, and coconut. The same goes for foods like pizza – mostly just salty, with cheese undertones. Kind of bland, TBH. It’s a little heartbreaking, given how much I loved pizza before. I would say, on the whole, the degree to which I enjoy ‘junk’ foods such as cookies, pizza, nachos, et cetera, has lessened dramatically.

Luckily, Primal foods are so full of fat and spices that it’s all quite flavorful. The only ‘junk’ foods that usually taste just as good to me are sodas (interestingly, less Mountain Dew now, more Dr. Pepper – Mountain Dew is just a little too sweet for me now) and movie popcorn, popped in canola oil. I know canola is a terrible oil, but popcorn popped in coconut oil is just gross. So, since I only have it at the movies, I’m going to keep it around for now. I feel that overall, soda and popcorn (corn products) have fewer adverse effects on me than wheat products.

However, the soda slope is slippery for me; once I have one, the sweet cravings come back very strong. It’s very much like an addiction in that I’ll get a false sense of security because the cravings are gone (because I haven’t had any), I’ll think, ‘I can enjoy just one,’ and then the cravings are back and so difficult to beat. So, for now, NO SODA! I’m really not sure I will ever be able to have one and be satisfied and not experience cravings the next day (or even later the same day). Movie going is such a major part of my life, though, that the ritual of popcorn and a soda seems integral. I realize this is just disgustingly effective marketing and I have been somewhat brainwashed to feel that it’s hard to enjoy one’s movie-going experience without snacks, but nevertheless, I now feel that way. I did find a recipe called ‘Low Carb “Popcorn,”‘ made from eggs, cream cheese, and cream of tartar, so I might try making those some time, even though I don’t really do cheese. I realize there is a certain hypocrisy in not trying them because they have dairy, given that real popcorn is not at all Primal. I guess, in my mind, popcorn is less processed than cream cheese, although I must admit I have no idea how cream cheese is made.

So, to date, I have lost 7+ pounds, in nearly two months. I attribute this slow weight loss to my cheat days, and those damn girl scout cookies, which are all gone now. This has been a learning experience, and I’m optimistic that I will be less likely to have these relapses, and if I do, it would be for one meal, not two or three days. I plan on taking pictures on the 15th, and hopefully I’ll be able to see a difference; last time I couldn’t see much of a difference, I think.


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