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February 2, 2012

Day #19

Well, I don’t know if it’s because I may not have gotten enough sleep, or if it’s from LL yesterday, but I have been super tired all day long. And craving a soda! I didn’t go to jiu jitsu, partially because I was tired, but mostly because I felt pretty beat up from Monday and Tuesday night classes.

I made these bacon meatballs over the course of last night and tonight, and despite using this weird bacon (different brand than I usually get), these were really good. I don’t know if I overworked the meat or left them in the oven a little too long, but they were just a touch dry. But still awesome. I also made the sauce mentioned at the end…when I was letting it simmer for the first hour, the tomatoes nearest the bottom of the pot burned, badly. Like, blackened. I think it added a little burnt flavor to the rest of the sauce, but it was still good.

I have not even been up twelve hours and I’m almost falling asleep sitting here on the couch! Good heavens. In other news, the people I went to high school with are largely complete idiots.

February 2, 2012

Day #18

In keeping with my decision to allow the occasional indulgence (for now, it’s weekly, we’ll see how that works), I went to Lunchbox Laboratory yesterday with a friend. LL is home to the BEST burgers I have ever had, hands down. They bypass previous favorites – Clover  “EGGS EGGS” Grill in NOLA, Croissant Cafe in Anchorage – without so much as a backward glance. They use excellent, very high quality ingredients (particularly the beef). They moved last year to a new, bigger location, and I would say they are at 90% of their former awesomeness. In my opinion, the victims are the tators tots (and potentially other fried things I haven’t tried) and the toasted buns. They’re using the same buns, but it seems that they are now coating them with oil to do the toasting – you can taste it on the bun, and it doesn’t taste good. The tator tots, which used to be irresistible, are now kind of boring. But the most important thing – the burgers and their toppings – remain largely excellent. Phew.

But, the point of this post is to gauge my reaction immediately after and now, over 24 hours later. Immediately afterward, I felt terrible. I ate way too much, so I had that gross feeling, and I think the fried vegetable oil made me feel nauseous. That eventually went away, after a few hours, and today I think I feel fine. I suppose I feel a little more tired than I should, and I am craving soda, but no inexplicable aches and pains (just the usual aches and pains from BJJ!). I’ll continue to monitor how I feel post-indulgence.

Speaking of soda. I had one last Tuesday, and one yesterday. I’m trying to gauge my cravings for soda in relation to my indulgences. For a few days before yesterday, I had basically no cravings for soda. After BJJ last night, I had a huge craving. When I woke up today I craved some hard core. I am excellent at talking myself into things, so it’s important to keep a close eye on whether I’m talking myself into giving into a craving, or whether I’m being honest with myself about thinking an indulgence would just be a pleasant experience.

So now that I’ve been Primal for two and a half weeks, I’ve lost at least 5 pounds so far – I suspect more but so far it is not reflected on the scale, which I am attributing mostly to exercise and, well, digestive contents.