Day #11 – movie night follow up

Today, approximately 24 hours after seeing the movie and eating some crap, I had some stomach upset, and have had a headache this evening. I also feel more congested than I think I did yesterday. I don’t know if I should necessarily attribute all of those things to eating a bunch of corn products, but I’ll be sure to make a note of the next time I have these types of maladies.

So far, for food today:

My version of alambres
1/3 of a banana – I was peeling it and the other 2/3rds  just broke off and fell on the carpet. I can’t put that in my mouth.

Scallops and Leeks in Champagne Sauce (French Women Don’t Get Fat has a lot of good recipes that are basically primal or easily converted, by the way, and I’ve liked all the recipes I’ve tried.) And god damn those scallops were expensive as shit. I should not have asked for eight (I only used four tonight). Oh, I also used only ghee, no olive oil. The scallops in ghee where amaaazing.

I’m about to have something else because I’m hella hungry. Maybe reheat the rest of my alambres and take care of the raspberries and blueberries in the fridge. Or maybe I’ll make a coconut milk smoothie…who can know? That sounds good.


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