Day #10

Despite only going to jiu jitsu twice over the past ten days, and being basically 100% sedentary the rest of the time with a terrible sinus infection, I’ve lost 3.4 pounds. It was the sickest I’ve been in a long time, a disease graciously donated by my roommate. Perhaps all of a sudden being no carbs, no sugar, no dairy made things worse, I don’t know. But I’m feeling better now.

On Saturday, I went to a dual birthday party thrown by my former roommate and her boyfriend. She is an incredible baker and cook, so I decided, as it was a super special occasion and I rarely have access to her concoctions, I would have one of the chocolate merlot cupcakes she made. It was very, very good – dense, not crumbly, and not super big. Even better, it didn’t have frosting, more of a little bit of glaze – I hate frosting. Surprisingly, I found it a little too sweet – good thing it wasn’t very big. I also had two corn chips, one with spinach artichoke dip (she made that) and one with queso (I just love liquid cheese). That was the extent of my cheating. Afterward, my roommate and I went out and I had a bunch of Primal food at a restaurant here in Seattle called Peso’s, where they apparently feel comfortable charging $6 for two large sea scallops.

So, after we got home, my stomach was rumbly, and I had heartburn. The next evening, my left hip and leg were sore, and I realized I hadn’t felt that at all the entire week prior. That’s something I attributed to having short legs that sometimes cause my feet to not touch the ground when I sit on couches, putting more stress on my hip and knee (why it would only be the left side, I don’t know). It was bothering enough that I took some ibuprofen, and have felt fine since.

Today, I went to jiu jitsu. I have been thinking a lot about whether I should really be going 100% on the diet 100% of the time. I decided it probably wasn’t necessary to ensure success, and I felt that I wasn’t likely to use one indulgence as a gateway consumption to backslide. So, since I have been missing popcorn so, so much, AND wanting to see a movie, that I decided I’d go to one of the Landmark theatres around town, get both, and also get a soda. They have some of the best popcorn, IMO. On the way there, I realized their nachos sounded really, really good too. Salty, crispy, and liquid cheese. I got all of these things – nachos, a small soda, and a kid size popcorn (maybe 3-4 cups?). For both the nachos and the popcorn, they didn’t taste as good as I remembered. Did they always taste that way? Did the nachos just not have enough salt? Did I just get a dull batch of popcorn? I don’t know. I will have to test this next at Majestic Bay, where they have my favorite popcorn in the city. As for the soda – I’ve been craving Coke in particular, despite Mountain Dew being my poison of choice, so that’s what I got (not that they had Mountain Dew anyway – although Majestic Bay does!). It was quite sweet. Obviously, soda being sweet is nothing new, but I think maybe I did find it a bit excessively sweet.

I debated ‘cheating.’ I was worried I might be using it to give into cravings, but that’s not how I felt – I didn’t have a super strong, crazy craving for any of those things (despite missing them), and would’ve been okay not having them, too – that’s what really made me think it would be okay to indulge. Now it’s been one minor cheat, followed by a considerable cheat three days later. That’s got to be enough cheating for a while.

Within ten minutes of starting to eat the popcorn and drink the soda, I felt a little headache, specifically on the right side near the front of my head. I haven’t had any headaches since the caffeine reduction headaches back at the beginning (and sometimes I wake up with one, if it’s been ~24 hours since my half a caffeine pill), and my stomach got rumbly. Now, after the movie, I feel a little bloated, but otherwise okay. We’ll see how I feel over the next couple days. Maybe I am ruined for movie concessions completely!

Besides that, today I’ve had a banana, a kiwi, and my own alambres concoction. Senor Moose, one of my faaaavorite restaurants in Seattle, and my favorite Mexican restaurant ever, offers this Oaxacan dish. It is listed on the menu as “Shredded beef, chorizo, bacon, green bell pepper, and poblano chile grilled together and topped with cheese. Served with refried beans.” I made mine with pulled pork that I made yesterday (it was lackluster, unfortunately), bacon, chorizo, and onion. I threw in some other spices but didn’t have any peppers or chiles. Oh, and obviously, no cheese, and no refried beans. It was not the same as Senor Moose’s dish, but it was good, and I wanted to use up my lackluster pork. This is a good way to do that. I just fried the bacon until it was partially cooked, threw in the chorizo and onions, and then when that was cooked, added the pulled pork and let that all fry together for a while.

Another difference I have noticed since starting is that when I get hungry, I’m not gripped by a need to eat IMMEDIATELY. Not only that, but I don’t have really strong cravings for anything, including carb stuff. That is a really lovely change. I am naturally not overeating, because I’m not hungry. This is awesome!


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