Day #2

3 slices uncured bacon, pan fried – ~3 oz, 1/4 of $6.50 package = $1.63
2 eggs, fried in the bacon fat (I love using one pan!) – unsure of original cost, I’ll round up and say $.50/ea = $1.00
1 kiwi – $.78
1 banana – 4 oz @ $.98/lb = $.25

Total cost for breakfast: $3.66. What a deal! I’d spend more on that per day to meet my fountain Mountain Dew fix.

~7 oz fresh rock fish, sauteed in bacon grease, with the remaining sauce from yesterday
A couple handfuls of baby spinach, golden raisins, and almonds prepared with bacon grease
Raw broccoli – I don’t know if it’s my tastebuds or what but after the first few limbs it started tasting really bitter. It’s been ages since I’ve had raw broccoli, does it always taste like that?

Snack: Walnuts

I strained the bacon fat at breakfast through a mesh strainer but there’s still bits of stuff in it. Do I need an even finer mesh strainer? I guess I’ll just use it up really fast. Hopefully. There was a considerable amount of fat from just those three slices; I’m excited to start using animal fat regularly! I like ghee a lot so far, but maybe it won’t even be necessary, which would be nice since a small jar (unsure of size, 8 or 12 ounces?) was almost $6.

I went to a jiu jitsu class tonight, where we did escapes from back mount. Whether you’re attempting to escape or attempting to restrain your partner, it requires a fair amount of exertion. At least, for me it does! Typically, after a class, I would go get a Mountain Dew. This was my first class since going primal, and I certainly had a sweet craving afterward. However, I wasn’t hungry at all, and in fact think I ate too close to class because afterward I was tempted to vom (this feeling has happened before, it’s my own fault), so I’m going to ignore the beast.

I started getting a headache last night, and have had one ever since. It got painful last night, and then when I got up today I popped half a caffeine pill and it’s still there, but not as bad. That’s 100mg of caffeine; I’m not sure how much I’d been getting before but that’s the equivalent of a little less than 24 ounces of Mountain Dew. I’m sure I was drinking twice that per day when I was not restricting myself to one fountain soda. So, perhaps it is just caffeine withdrawal. Hopefully, at some point, I can cut my caffeine pills down even further and eventually stop them. But given the terrible headaches I’ve gotten in the past when trying to drop caffeine, I’m not going to take that on just yet.

Oh, I also had a dream that I was eating a cheeseburger. This wasn’t a craving dream; in it, I was like, ‘Wait, what am I doing? Why did I decide to eat this? It’s on a bun!’. I was really confused what rationale led me to be eating a cheeseburger. Incidentally, it was from Lunchbox Laboratory, which makes the best burgers I have ever, ever had, and they do use really good buns. But I don’t go there for the buns, so they don’t have to be completely off the table! I will really, really miss their mini corn dogs. Also the best corn dog of any size I have ever had. I’m not huge into corn dogs, but I think they put heroin in that amazing sweet white corn batter. I better stop thinking about them.


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