Day #1

Here I go. Time to get primal. Very intimidating. I have dedicated myself to 100% for 30 days!

3/4 louisiana hot link sausage from local company, uncured, fried in some butter (hadn’t gotten the ghee yet)
1-1/3  free range eggs, prepared in the remaining butter and fat from the sausage (oh my god, they were amazing)
1 kiwi
1 banana

Coconut Dream beverage (unsweetened)

Buttery Catfish in Creamy Shallot Sauce: ~7 oz. catfish prepared in shallots sauteed in olive oil and ghee, with pan debris, coconut milk, and lemon juice sauce. I even managed to burn most of the shallots (what am I doing wrong? I halved the recipe and used a small pan but they still burned), and it still tasted awesome. I inadvertently used the entire 1/2 cup of coconut milk the recipe called for, instead of 1/4th cup, meaning the lemon juice in it was half of what was called for – I recommend this change, as it was plenty lemony. The sauce was amaaaaazing. I highly recommend this recipe.
Kale, prepared with garlic sauteed in olive oil, but I managed to burn it so I didn’t eat much.


2 eggs fried in ghee
1 navel orange

The Primal Blueprint suggests consuming certain fruits in moderation due to the sugar content, but as I train Brazilian jiu jitsu 4-5 times a week, I will, initially, consume fruit indiscriminately. As long as it’s accompanied with plentiful vegetables. Okay, so far, not doing great on that front, but I haven’t strayed so far from being Primal.

Besides having a headache and being kind of tired, I feel fine. No huge carb cravings…yet. Anyone who knows me knows three things: 1) I am addicted to caffeine, 2) I don’t drink coffee or tea, and 3) I love Mountain Dew. I’m going to hold off on confronting the caffeine addiction, but obviously the Mountain Dew part had to go. I have been attempting to answer the craving for sweetness with fat – part of telling your brain, “look, buddy, we’re going to use FAT as fuel from now on, not glucose, so get used to it,” and have so far managed to do that and have the craving satisfied. Brain and body, I have faith in you! You have treated me very well despite the crap I have fed you, so I have no doubt that you’re going to pick up what I’m laying down ASAP now that I’m giving you awesome stuff.

Wish me luck!


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